Classes for 6 – 11yrs

Karate – Tuesday 6 – 6:45pm
Karate – Thursday 6 – 6:45pm
Karate – Saturday 10- 10:45am
Extreme Martial Arts – Saturday 8:45 – 9:30am

Little Ninjas Karate –
Recent studies demonstrate that willpower (self control) is a key factor in life success, and it is a core martial arts skill in our Ninjas classes.

Our specialised curriculum teaches kids, not only self control, but valuable self-protection skills and builds confidence like no other activity.

Little Ninjas Karate classes teach children how to gain control of their mind, body and emotions. Plus, every class we teach provides a safe, fun, high-energy workout that motivates children to reach new levels of mental and physical performance. When a child has the courage and willpower to overcome obstacles success naturally follows.

Extreme Martial Arts –

Training Sessions are 45-minute classes that combine advanced plyometrics, cross training, stretching, high level kicks, acrobatics, tricking and extreme martial arts kicks, forms and weapons. There great fun for everyone, we include these classes as an option for all our students from 6yrs+