Why Join Sydney Karate Club?

People decide to learn martial arts for many different reasons. Some people want to learn self defence, some enjoy it for the health beniefits, others want to meet new people. Whatever your reasons are, Sydney Karate Club can help you to achieve your goals.

The Instructors

Our instructional team is the best in the business. Every instructor is fully qualified at an advanced level in their art and backed by externally recognised instructor qualifications from bodies such as Ausport and ISKA.

The Facility

Our full time centre is fully decked out with quality rubber floor matting, punching bags and all of the latest training equipment to make learning easy and training fun. Not to mention fully insured for sports injury to guarantee your safety.

Class Structure

All our classes have been designed around a dynamic curriculum with a focus on delivering information in a manner that is suitable to each level, so no-one gets thrown in the deep end not knowing what to do.

National level competitions and champions

Want to get into the martial arts competitions and become the national champion? We can help you with that goal. We have several ISKA champions training with us already.

Digital login system

Students log in to every class via the club touch screen system. As well as allowing the students to keep track of their attendance, the system also allows the instructors to better organise classes appropriate to the level of attendance, so we can ensure a quality service provided to each student.

Friendly atmosphere

Don't want to train in a martial arts gym with a drill sergeant screaming orders at you and calling you names when you don't get it right? Don't want to train at a place where the sole focus is on competition? Don't worry - Sydney Karate club is a family friendly and very socially active environment. Everyone is there to help each other train - there are no attitudes and no egos allowed.

The only full time martial arts center on the Sydney city fringe. Sydney Karate Club offers a wide range of classes in the arts of Freestyle Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA, Arnis, Kubodo and Yoga. We also offer children’s classes from 3 years old. Sydney Karate Club is open to men, women and child of any age.

If you want to get fit, have fun and learn self defence – Sydney Karate Club is the place for you!

Sydney Karate Club was established in the Ultimo area in 2002. The club was founded with the goal of teaching self-defence to a small group of friends, and from here Sydney Karate Club has grown, offering freestyle karate and self-defence classes to people of all ages from its specialised facility in Ultimo. Sydney Karate Club started its first classes in the park on Mary Ann St. The Club quickly grew and moved into the Harris Community Centre Church Hall in 2003 and in 2005 Sydney Karate Club opened its second location in the West Epping Scout Hall. After 9 years in the Harris Community Centre Sydney Karate Club made the decision to set-up its own permanent space in the area moving one street away to 190/392 Jones St Ultimo. In 2012 Sydney Karate Club ratified its constitution, and become an Incorporated Sports Organisation, continuing its original goal to teach self-defence with all profits being directed back into the club.

Our classes are open to men, women, and children. We welcome anyone who wants to learn.

Tiny Tigers (3-5 yrs) Want your child to learn self control, teamwork, manners or confidence? Or how about learning what to do in an emergency, how to introduce themselves or how to deal with strangers? With a new theme every week your child will learn valuable life skills as well as have fun, keep active and develop basic motion skills and hand-eye coordination. This program has been created specifically for 3 to 5 year olds and focuses on Life Skills, Safety Skills and Basic Martial Arts Skills.

Little Ninjas (6-12 yrs) Recent studies demonstrate that willpower (self control) is a key factor in life success, and it is a core martial arts skill in our Ninjas classes. Our specialised curriculum teaches kids, not only self control, but valuable self-protection skills and builds confidence like no other activity. Little Ninjas Kids Karate classes teach children how to gain control of their mind, body and emotions. Plus, every class we teach provides a safe, fun, high-energy workout that motivates children to reach new levels of mental and physical performance. When a child has the courage and willpower to overcome obstacles success naturally follows.

Teen Karate (13-15 yrs) Our Teen Karate program is based on Kaizen Ryu Freestyle Karate system. This class is an even mix of fun and hard work targeted to teenagers, everyone is welcome.

Freestyle Karate (16 yrs +) Kaizen Ryu Freestyle Karate classes are open to anyone aged 16 years and up. This class is an even mix of men and women with a wide age range – everyone is welcome. Kaizen Ryu Freestyle Karate is a freestyle or mixed martial art, incorporating elements of Karate, Kung Fu, Kick-boxing, Arnis, Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Muay Thai, Weapons, Ground fighting and Grappling. Our classes follow the traditional coloured karate belt levels, but Kaizen Ryu takes the approach that every belt is different, with each new belt focusing on a new, more technical topic than the previous and adapting each of these topics into modern self-defence applications. Kaizen Ryu classes can be very challenging both mentally and physically, but all classes are aimed to be delivered to students of any skill level, from beginner to expert.

Traditional Weapons (18 yrs +) Ryu Kyu Kobudo Kai is a traditional martial art, originating from Okinawa and centered around training with weapons for self-defense, Weapons covered include the Bo, Sai, Kama, Tonfa, and Nunchaku. The basics of attack and defense with each weapon are covered as well as sparring with each weapon against the others, and the practice of traditional Kata or forms. Due to the use of prohibited weapons in this class (Sydney Karate Club Instructors have Permits to possess and teach these weapons) the class has an 18+ age limit This class is a great addition to any training, opening up a whole new part of the martial arts not offered in most other classes.

Hyper (All Ages)Hyper Pro Training Sessions are 60-minute classes that combine advanced plyometrics, cross training, stretching, high level kicks, acrobatics, tricking and extreme martial arts kicks, forms and weapons. There great fun for everyone. 

Class Fees

We try to maintain the cost of training in any program at Sydney Karate Club at an affordable level.

Adult Unlimited Program (16 years +) – $49.95 fortnight Unlimited Freestyle Karate, Traditional Weapons, Hyper classes.

Teen Unlimited Program (13 – 15 years) – $49.95 fortnight Unlimited Teen Karate, Hyper classes.

Little Ninjas Unlimited Program (6-12 years) – $49.95 fortnight Unlimited Little Ninjas & Hyper classes.

LIttle Ninjas 1 session per week (6-12 years) $39.95 fortnight One Little Ninja Class per week.

Tiny Tigers Unlimited Program (3-5 years) – $39.95 fortnight Unlimited Tiny Tigers classes.

The first lesson in all programs is FREE.

Latest News 

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20 hours ago

Sydney Karate Club

Congratulations to our students who placed in the Australian National Championship on the weekend ... See MoreSee Less

Congratulations to our students who placed in the Australian National Championship on the weekend

2 weeks ago

Sydney Karate Club

Anyone interested in tournament competition this is the first and last chance this year. All Karate competition is on the Sunday.7 Days....

Until entry to the ANC & CCP closes don't miss out on your last chance to compete in 2020
... See MoreSee Less

Anyone interested in tournament competition this is the first and last chance this year. All Karate competition is on the Sunday.
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All our instructors hold senior first aid certificates, have completed Ausport instructor certification, are referees with the International Sports Karate Association, and are certified to work with children by the NSW Commission for Children and Young People. Several also hold prohibited weapons permits from the NSW Police Commissioner.
Renshi ~ Jonathan Gleeson

Renshi ~ Jonathan Gleeson

Head Instructor

Jonathan has been training in the martial arts since 1991. In this time he has reached the level of 5th degree black belt (Dan) in Kaizen Ryu Freestyle Karate.

In 2009 Jonathan was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame as the Martial Arts Instructor of the Year.

Sensei ~ Yasmin Clarke

Sensei ~ Yasmin Clarke


Yasmin currently holds a 2nd degree black belt in Kaizen Ryu Freestyle Karate. She is responsible for the Instruction of multiple programs at the club including, Tiny Tiger's, Little Ninja's and Adult's.

Yasmin also leads our student signup and retention activity, so is often the first person a new student meets at the club.

Sensei ~ Robert Bui

Sensei ~ Robert Bui


Robert has been training with the club since he was in early primary school. Now one of our lead instructors he holds a 1st Degree Black Belt in Kaizen Ryu Freestyle Karate.

Robert is activley engaged in the instruction of our Adult programs and will often assist with Teen and Little Ninja classes. He is also the lead instructor for our Hyper - extreme martial arts program.

Sensei ~ Olivia Liu


Olivia has been training with the Club since it opened in 2002. She currently holds the level of 3rd Degree Black Belt in Kaizen Ryu Freestyle Karate and 1st Degree Black Belt in Doce Pares Arnis.

Olivia is a key instructor for both our Teen and Adult Karate Programs.

Sensei ~ Pat Coy

Sensei ~ Pat Coy


Pat is a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Kaizen Ryu Freestyle Karate. He is involved in the instruction of our Adult Karate programs.

Pat's classes focus on the core of technique at the most detailed level, often extrapolating complex movements into there simplest forms.

Sempai ~ Lilian Bui

Assistant Instructor

Lilian has also been training with us since she was only in primary school. Now a Black Belt in Kaizen Ryu Freestyle Karate.

Lilian assists with the instruction of our Tiny Tiger, Little Ninja, Teen Karate and Hyper programs. Often stepping up to the challenge of leading the entire class on her own.

We have a 5 star review rating on facebook and google see what some of our happy clients have to say

Lachlan Toohey

(Google - Feburary 2014)

If you have an interest in studying martial arts I highly recommend trying Sydney Karate Club!

Yasmin Clarke

(Google - January 2014)

This place has become my second home! I train here up to 4 or 5 times a week. When I started I thought there was no way I would get fit or tough enough to stay in martial arts, but I'm still here four years later.

Christie McMonigal

(Facebook - December 2013)

Great club, lots of variety and good fun!

Simon Palmer

(Facebook - January 2015)

Great club – perfect for beginners and the experienced alike. Wonderful atmosphere and great practical teaching, all in a central location.

Eden Naug

(Facebook - December 2016)

Really feels like your part of the family. It's the highlight of my week to attended these classes.

Yukako Honjo

(Google - July 2018)

My 3 year old son just started Kids Karate Saturday morning. Sensei-teachers are very dedicated and nice.

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